Sweet F*ck All

The whole place is run, from goverment right down to lower management by a bunch of pyjama wearing fruit basket filling, tree hugging pansies!

Big Mac, large fries, diet Coke and and A level please

Well bugger backwards with a burger bun.

In a relentless bid to pursue the ultimate in dumbing down and giveway tat, it looks like our beloved government is continuing its quest to provide all kids, irrespective of age, background or ability yet another worthless bit of paper that will prove what exactly?

BBQ Sauce

We've already got A level pass rates so high the fuckers are virtually given away with a pack of coco-pops, GCSE pass rates are nearly as stratospheric and for the average employer it's becoming ever more difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff until it's too late and you find half the latest intake of bright young "graduates" can't even spell their names.

So what are you getting?

Maccy D's - an A level in burger flipping, which qualifies you to hold down a steady job in - errr...........McDonalds? Or maybe said piece of paper will allow you to graduate to Pizza Hut or Nando's.


Network Rail - don't make me laugh. A diploma in fucking up the lives of countless travellers, late running engineering works, signal failures and high speed crashes. Fucking pile of shite.

FlyBe - Great. An A level in looking like a sour faced trout while trying to shift a trolley up an aisle without getting your oversized buttocks stuck between seats 23C and 23D and remembering to sneer disdainfully when Shaznay in 48B requests a bottle of duty free "Shhh....Jade Goody" on her Goldfish card.

There is no scope for awarding A levels in what must be some of the shittiest dead end jobs known to human kind.

All you're doing is sowing the false seeds of hope that Darren from Maccy's in Bromsgrove is going to become head chef at the Lanesborough thanks to his shiny new diploma and the bovine slapper Tracey will somehow end up flying the 737 rather than spending the rest of her worthless junk-shit of a life cleaning up piles of puke and getting her thighs groped in the nether regions of the cattle class cabin.

This is yet another New Labour con that will sucker the plebian masses into thinking they're something special when in fact Gordon and chums would gob in their faces rather than look them in the eye.

Dumbed down paper for the dumbed down UnterKlass.

In five years time, Meedja studies graduates will be lauded as the new Einsteins, while even the likes of BrainDeadEric will look like they're half way qualified compared to the Three Star Certificate Weilding fall out from Ronald McDonald's Offal-Kitchen.

What an absolute pile of utter steaming cack from a pile of politicians totally devoid of any semblance of originality.

The McDonalds-trained politicos have done it again. Fresh certificates all round lads and lets go large with a McShake and extra large fries.


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