I blog from work since I don't care. Older than Google. French lad living in the UK and Switzerland addict. Struggling with chronic depression and borderline personality disorder since 8. Managed to stay alive. Here to share daily random rants.


For all the grumpy to share their general ranting.
Here a the main topics (the forum will be available soon)


The Daily Rant

Share your daily rants, what pissed you off today and why? How did you react? Did you put them on fire? We want to know it all so you better share some tea!


Incoherant Ramblings

For those days when your not feeling miserable enough to post in the main forums.. you bloody fairy! For those days where you got f***ed up right in the morning


Help & Mental illness

Having trouble at home? Feeling desperate? Need help with an assisted suicide? Cancer, look no further, our trained counsellors will help ease your anguish. Did you try les Fleurs de Bach?

Grump Of The Month

I'd love to introduce a monthly contest calle something like Grump Of The Month but that's too basic bitch so help me and send out some names ideas

Wedding day blues

Just got back from one of these pseudo-religious f*ck-ups. This one was nothing special, close family, simple service. Buffet meal and the obligatory disco for Uncle Derek to act like a twat to. Disgusting.

Comedy shows rant

"Hey, Our Kid! Fooking Result! How Much Dyoo Fink That DVD Player & Plasma Screen Of His'll Fetch Down Pub The Night?" The list is endless of the criminally talentless actors of stupid-A comedy shows.

About Me

I am Matthis, an old soul trapped in the body of a 35yo person. 

Some stuff to know about me and below, my 2 favorite things in the world. I'll link my favorite websites. Please share yours while we wait for the forum. Btw, if you guys know a good/easy platform, please tell me.

Grumpy all the time

Morning coffee

Dead inside


VIDEO OF THE WEEK (probably month)

Let's Talk (must be at the pub but try anyway)