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After a stressful day trying to earn a living while various Government agencies tried to impede my progress and regulate me till I squeak, I came home to the wonders of the Budget review.

Phrases that try to herd you into a line of thinking

After a stressful day trying to earn a living while various Government agencies tried to impede my progress and regulate me till i squeak I came home to the wonders of the Budget review.

Well nothing particularly unexpected really, my life has just got a little more expensive, its no surprise as its the same after every budget. All the stuff i enjoy like beer, wine, fags, and driving have all been targeted as normal.

What has really got my piss flaming and my head truly fucked is the way that some of the key targets for the tax increases have little labels attached to them. Little catch phrases designed to be snappy and market the idea to the population, describe the "problem" in two words. make it so you could never argue against these words because they make sense and are a true indication of what is happening. It all started with "health and safety" who can argue about health, or indeed safety. all manner of rules and paperwork can be created safe in the knowledge that hardly anyone will argue against it, well it is for your safety, you wouldnt want to have an accident now would you ??

Some more examples:

Binge drinking: This is what happens when you deregulate the sale of alcohol, you allow the pubs to open most of the time and the clubs to open longer, you then let the shops sell the stuff all the rest of the time, this was designed to bring us in line with europe and the pavement cafe culture but in reality it has been a big fuckup, people can drink for longer and so get pissed up and fight then either end up in cells or hospital where they can assult some casualty staff. The solution. REGULATION. the average mong in a track suit cannot be responsible for anything to do with his alcohol intake. We are not a mediteranian country and have not got the climate for outside cafes and nice little squares to enjoy a small beer before buzzing off on a little moped to fuck a goat. But its ok. The Govt have given it a label and have taxed drink a bit more. that will work.

Affordable Housing: I worked hard for the best part of ten years to save a deposit for my house. I bought it and am paying a mortgage. I can afford the fucking house because i did it the right way. the idea that everyone is owed a house because they simply exist is so wide of the mark as to be almost dream like. The problem here is the instant gratification culture that has grown to huge proportions over the last 20 years. People expect stuff now with no saving up no planning no looking forward to it and waiting. The idea that the Govt is going to see that X million new homes (houses to you and I, Homes just sounds more cute and snug and nulabour marketing spin) fills me with fear. new houses are built and the instant meals ipod hoodie generation just moves in and pays into some wanky scheme where they dont own it but lease it till they overdose and then it gets passed on the the next GenX mong.

Gas Guzzlers: This is the one that flames me the most, anything with an engine larger than about 1500cc is viewed as lethal and sinister under this tag, it is wheeled out to justify more motorist money grabbing missions, its a phrase that has been around a long time but is becoming more and more popular when talking about any car larger than an astra, This particular phrase has it all, it has alliteration so it reads well in newspapers it has a super descriptor with "Guzzler" my god you can practically hear the fuel gurgling away down the plughole along with the furry creatures and the ozone layer. Yet it means nothing more than a vehicle that uses more fuel than say an astra. My works Ford Ranger does about 23 to the gallon, my old Astravan does about 28, If i drive the pickup i get filthy looks from people, if i am in the van its like i was not even there yet the difference is barely 5 mpg. I pay for the fuel the pickup uses so therefore i already pay more tax because it uses more, tell you what why not tax me some more you cunts? Thats the way to sort the country out.

I cannot really add much more to this other than yet again working people are paying for lazy twats to shag, drink and sponge. While we pay through the nose we must also be marketed at in such a patronising way with little catch phrases that are designed to make us feel a little bit more guilty about drinking, living in a house we own and driving a car.


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