Cars Alternatives

So what are the alternatives to our precious cars? Bus, train, tram, cycle or walk? None of them is the answer, there’s no real alternative.

What are the alternatives to our precious cars?

Bus, train, tram, cycle or walk? None of them is the answer, there’s no real alternative. All the Greenfield sites that now carry the burden of Britain’s booming ‘manufacturing’ base are based outside of the town centres along with, for example, some of the football stadiums. Take Coventry City’s stadium for example. Or should that be “Ricoh Smoke Free Arena, Capri Casino, bistro and seventy room hotel. CCFC used to be within walking distance of the pubs in the city centre, the Railway and the Hospital for inevitable repairs post match (you’d know if you used to go). Notice the first page of their website invites their fans to get a CCFC credit card, the cunts. As you’d expect, there’s a fucking huge retail park next door. What a fucking joke, take the retail away from the cities and towns and build a huge free parking area three times the size of the actual retail area. You can get there by bus, but most of the buses go out from the city or town centre, once you’ve got there which is a struggle on it’s own. Still, at least the football fans stay away from the city centre these days. Cunts.

The brown field sites invariably get sold off to greedy, back-hander- giving property developers to build blocks of houses complete with postage stamp sized gardens and no fucking garage. I jest not, most of the houses built in this area now do not have a garage, just communal parking spaces. Are the council trying to tell us something? They’re either going back to the build model of the early 1900’s when cars just weren’t available or they’re going back to this model because they’re going to make cars unavailable through tax, road charges and the fear of drowning or getting blown over by a strong gust of wind. Classic example of how to fuck a community is being built within two miles of here, now. Hundreds of homes complete with the obligatory “cheap and/or council houses to ensure you have to put up with at least some scum who‘ll quite happily turn the estate into a shit tip” alongside £300-400,000 houses. No mention in the blurb about the only road out of the estate turning onto one of the busiest roads in the town, inducing even more gridlock.

I can’t remember a single mile of railway being re-opened or any of the disused station houses or tracks being acquired to make a suitable alternative to the car. These might go some way towards getting the millions of tonnes of freight off the roads too, so fuck all chance of that happening then. Sheffield’s Supertram just gets in the fucking way. How much of the green tax has actually been spent on anything remotely advantageous to the now disadvantaged motorists of this country? Fuck all. Will the BBC ever ask the question of Brown? Will they fuck.

No the real question about alternatives is how the Government is going to raise the billions of pounds worth of fuel tax lost if the do manage to, in their words, “get people out of their cars“. Income tax has been kept artificialy low whilst stealth tax on every penny you spend has gone though the roof. Sure, your pay packet looks good but it's not so fucking clever if you have to run a car or buy anything. Then there's the massive rises in Cuntcil Tax to compensate for the lack of Government funding to corrupt, inept Local Cuntcils.

You tax greedy fucking knob head.


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